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The founders of Happy Planet Cleaning Service have been in the cleaning business in San Jose, CA since 1989. They established Happy Planet Cleaning in 2007 with the purpose of using environmentally friendly and biodegradable products to positively impact their customers’ lives.

We are a house cleaning business that offers a wide range of services designed to make your home sparkle. Our team of experienced professionals will do whatever it takes to make sure your home is left looking and feeling great. Whether you need us to come just once or on a regular basis, you can count on us to get the job done right. We believe that a clean home is an inviting home, and we strive to make sure that every home we clean is a happy one. We use eco-friendly products and techniques to make sure that your home is sparkling, but also safe for the environment. We also make sure to provide exceptional customer service, so you can be sure that you are getting the best experience possible. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced house cleaning business in San Jose, CA, then please look no further than the Happy Planet Cleaning Service. We look forward to helping you keep your home looking and feeling great!

Happy Planet Cleaning Services in San Jose, California
Happy Planet Cleaning Services - Biodegradable supplies

Cleaning products were responsible for nearly 10 percent of all toxic exposures reported to U.S. Poison Control Centers in 2000, accounting for 206,636 calls. Of these, nearly two-thirds involved children under six, who can swallow or spill cleaners stored or left open inside the home.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside the typical home is on average 2-5 times more polluted than the air just outside—and in extreme cases 100 times more contaminated—largely because of household cleaners and pesticides.

Happy Planet Cleaning Services - Home cleaning services

The Janitorial Products Pollution Prevention Project reports that 6 out of every 100 janitors in California have lost time from their jobs as a result of injuries linked to toxic cleaning products, particularly glass and toilet cleaners and degreasers.

In a 2002 U.S. Geological Survey study of contaminants in U.S. stream water, 69 percent of streams sampled contained persistent detergent metabolites, and 66 percent contained disinfectants.

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